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Building Your Custom Blacklist/Whitelist

GoGuardian offers a fully customizable blacklist/whitelist giving admins the ability to tailor GoGuardian's filtering to fit their school district's needs!  Protect your students while they are on their Chromebooks by utilizing this powerful feature.  Go to Whitelist/Blacklist > Sites to create custom filter settings for your district.  

To add a site to your custom blacklist or whitelist, simply enter the URL in the box provided and hit the Blacklist/Whitelist button.  Once added, it will appear at the bottom of the list.  You can also add to your blacklist/whitelist by uploading your own CSV (select Add by CSV to do this).  To remove a site from your blacklist or whitelist, click the red trashcan located to the right of the URL when hovering over it. 

Important: The whitelist takes precedence over the blacklist so if you have a site in both the whitelist and the blacklist, it will not be blocked by GoGuardian.  

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    Shawn Mahoney

    Will the list allow for wildcard * ?

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    Shawn Mahoney

    How could we block all urls that included the word: games

  • Avatar

    Hi Shawn!

    Yes, we do allow wildcarding using . So to block all URLs that include the word games you would do it like this: *games

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